HV HIPOT GD-2136H 电缆故障定位系统

GD-2131H Impulse Generator

Input power supply: AC 220V,50Hz

Output voltage: DC 0-32kV (adjustable)

Rated power: 2kVA

Max.energy: 2048J, 4uF

DC flashover voltage: 32kV

DC flashover current: 63mA

Max.impulse current: 500mA

Discharging method: DC HV, one time, cycle

Cycle discharging time: 3-6 seconds

Environmental temperature: 0-40℃

Humidity:<75% RH


Insulation level: A

Dimension: 430*540*410mm

Weight: about 31kg.

GD-2132 Cable Fault Locator

Tracing and locating distance: local cable 3km, other cable up to 20km

Fault impedance resistance:0-5MΩ

Locating accuracy: ≤±10cm.

Detection cable depth: <3m.

GD-2133 Cable Fault Detector

Max.testing distance: 15km(Open wire up to 100km) according to customer’s requirements.

Blind detection: 1m

Resolution: 1m

Power consumption: 5VA

Environmental temperature: 0-40℃(limit temperature:-10℃-50℃)

Relative humidity: 40℃(20~90)%RH

Atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa

Size: 275*220*160mm

Weight: 1.8kg



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