HV HIPOT GD-2138 Cable Fault Locating System (32km)

GD-2138 Main Unit

Input power:  AC220V, built-in rechargeable battery

The farthest test distance:  32km

Detection blind zone:  1m

Reading resolution:  1m

Impact voltage:  0-15kV

Ambient temperature:  0°C~+40°C

Ambient humidity:  <80% RH

Size:  750*570*1200mm

Weight:  128kg.

GD-2132 Receiver

Maximum tracking positioning distance:  20km, or 3km (Φ< 0.5)

Fault insulation resistance value of quasi-determined point:  0~50MΩ

Positioning test accuracy:  ≤ ± 10cm

Detection cable depth:  ≤3m



The System Includes:

  • GD-2138 Mainframe

  • GD-2132R Receiver.

  • RF Inductive Tracking Rod.

  • Potential Difference Locating Rack with 2 pins.

  • AF Stethoscope and Headphones (for Listening mode).

  • Grounding Pin.

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