HV HIPOT GDBT-1000kVA 变压器试验台 (1000kVA)

Transformer Load and No-load Tester (Just for reference, the final model is Fluke Norma 4000)

Voltage range: 0-1000V

Current range: 0.25-20A, accuracy 0.2%.

Power accuracy 0.3%.

Power factor 0.050-1.000, accuracy 0.3%

Frequency 40-70Hz, accuracy 0.1%.

Power P

No-load current Io, %

No-load loss Po

Load loss Pk

Impedance voltage Uk

Power Po

Average line voltage Un

Average current In.


HV CT specifications

Voltage range: 3kV

Measuring range: 0.25A-110A

Accuracy 0.05%

Turns ratio is 100,50,30,20,10,5,2.5/1A


PT specifications

Voltage range: 0.1kV-3kV(50Hz-400Hz)

Accuracy 0.05%

Turns ratio is 3,2,1,0.5kV/0.1kV


Variable Frequency Power Supply

Input voltage: Single phase AC380V, 60Hz

Measuring range: 0-800V

Rated capacity: 30kVA

Output current: 0-37.5A

Output frequency: 180Hz, 240Hz, 400Hz±2%


Intermediate Transformer

Capacity: 40kVA

Input Voltage: Single phase 500V

Output Voltage: 0-650V-1200V-2400V

100kVA Single Phase Regulator

Input voltage: Single phase 380V/60Hz, output voltage 20-650V.

Max. Load current: 154A

It is non contact regulating, easy to use.

When input voltage is constant, it can adjust output voltage smoothly with load. It is designed by rated frequency 60Hz. 


Design Requirement

All required test are equipped in the same bench, each function is independent. All test are automatic.

Transformer Characteristic Test(No-load and Load Test)

It is controlled by PC and supplied induced voltage regulator 100kVA, intermediate transformer 40kVA. 

We can customize different rating models based on actual requirement.



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