HV HIPOT GDCL-V 冲动电流监测系统 (20kV)


1. Waveform requirement and output range

Short-circuit current Isc: wave-front time 8μS±10%, half peak time 20μS±10%, peak value ±10%

At wave crest, ≥5% peak value of Current overshoot or vibration is not permitted.If current wave has reversed polarity vibration, then ≤20% peak value. Short-circuit current peak value 1kA-10kA.

Virtual impedance: 2Ω

2. Pointer voltmeter and digital voltmeter display for charging voltage. Positive shock and negative shock can be realized.

3. With impulse current display, accuracy ±1%

4. Output voltage measurement

With impulse voltage divider(voltage ratio accuracy ±1%), output to BNC socket of panel, for oscillograph connection.

5. Protection device

The instrument has enough safety device, ensure safe operation.


Rated parameters

Power input: 220V, AC, 5kVA

Rated charging voltage: 20kV

Total capacitance: 9μF×1

Rated capacity: 18kJ.



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