HV HIPOT GDCR3200 夹式接地电阻测试仪

Function: Grounding resistance, soil resistivity, DC resistance, grounding voltage, AC current, leakage current measurement

Power Supply: DC 9V (alkaline dry battery LR14 1.5V 6 knots, continuous standby 300 hours)

Backlight: Controllable blue backlight, suitable for use in dark place. 

Measuring Mode: Precision four-wire, three-wire method measurement, simple two-wire, selection method, double clamp method to measure grounding resistance

Measuring Method: 

- Two-three four-wire method measurement: pole-changing method, measuring current 20mA Max

- Selection method measurement: pole-changing method, measuring current 20mA Max

- Double clamp method: non-contact mutual inductance measurement, test current 1mA Max

- Soil resistivity: quadrupole method (Wenner method)

- DC resistance: pole-changing method

- AC current: average rectification (clamp)

- Ground voltage: average rectification (between P(S)-ES interfaces)

Test voltage waveform: sine wave

Test frequency: 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz (automatic frequency selection)

Short circuit test current: AC 20mA max

Open circuit test voltage: AC 40V max

Electrode spacing range: 1m ~ 100m

Display Mode: 4-digital super-large LCD display with backlight

Measuring indicator: During measurement, LED flash indicator, LCD count down display

LCD dimension: 128mm×75mm;Display field:124mm×67mm

Dimension: L×W×H: 215mm×190mm×95mm

Current clamp size: L×W×H: 185mm×115mm×43mm

Testing wires: Four wires: each for Red 20m, Black 20m ,Yellow 10m, and Green 5m

Simple testing wire: 2 wires: each for Red 1.6m and Green 1.6m

Auxiliary earthing rod: 4 PCS:Φ10mm×150mm

Current clamp: 2 PCS: each for blue black plug, red black plug

Current clamp diameter: Φ68mm

Current clamp turns ratio: 1000:01:00

Current clamp lead length: 2m

Measuring time: 

- AC current: about 2 times/s

- Voltage to ground: about 2 times/s

- Earth resistance: about 7s/times

Measuring Times: Over 5000 times (Short circuit test , stop 30 seconds after one test )

Circuit Voltage: Measuring voltage to ground: measuring below AC 600V

RS232 Interface: Possess RS232 interface, software supervision, storage data can be uploaded to computer, saved or printed.

Communication Wire: One piece of RS232 communication wire, with length 1.5m

Data Storage: 2000 sets,  “MEM” icon to indicate storage, “FULL” icon to indicate storage is full

Data Hold: Data hold function: “HOLD” icon display

Data Read: Data read function: “READ” icon display

Overflow Display: Exceeding measuring range overflow function: “OL” icon display

Current clamp low current indication: When the selection method or double clamp method is used, when the current signal received by CT2 is lower than 0.5mA, the symbol is displayed. In this case, check the clamping direction of CT2 current clamp.

Interference test: Automatic identification of interference signals, "NOISE" symbol indication when the interference voltage is higher than 5V

Auxiliary grounding test: With auxiliary grounding resistance test function, 0.00kΩ~30.00kΩ (100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)

Alarm Function: When measuring value exceeds alarm setting value, there is “Toot-toot-toot” alarm hint

Battery Voltage: When battery voltage decreases to about 7.5V, battery voltage low icon  will display, reminding to charge. 

Auto power off: automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of power on

Power Consumption: 

- Backlight: 25mA Max. (backlight power consumption)

- Standby: 25mA Max. (Backlight shut off)

- Measurement: 150mA Max. (Backlight shut off)


- Total: 8.05 kg (with accessories)

- Tester:1653g (including battery)

- Current clamp: 1050g (2 PCS)

- Testing Wires: 1560g(including simply testing wires)

- Auxiliary earthing rod: 935g (4 PCS)

Working Temperature & Humidity: -10℃~40℃:; below 80%rh

Storage temperature  & humidity: -20℃~60℃; below 70%rh

Overload Protection: Measuring earth ground resistance: between each interfaces of C(H)-E, P(S)-ES, AC 280V/3 seconds

Insulation Resistance: Over 20MΩ(between circuit and enclosure it is 500V)

Withstanding Voltage: AC 3700V/rms (Between circuit and enclosure)

Electromagnetic characteristics: IEC61326(EMC)

Suitable for safety regulations:

- IEC61010-1 (CAT III 300V, CAT IV 150V, pollution degree 2); IEC61010-031;

- IEC61557-1 (earth resistance);

- IEC61557-5 (soil resistivity);

- JJG 366-2004 (earth resistance meter)

- JJG 1054-2009 (clamp earth resistance meter)



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