HV HIPOT GDCT-9500B 电能质量测试分析 (0.0mA~1200A)


- Online test of current, ratio, polarity, phase difference and leakage current of the primary and secondary circuit of the HV & LV current transformer;

- On - line test of current and ratio on both sides of transformer

Power supply: 

- AC220V±10%, 50±1Hz;

- DC6V alkaline dry battery (1.5V AAA size 4pcs), can continuously work for 30 hours.

Test method: Clip-on CT

Transmission mode: Wireless transmission, linear transmission distance 30m


- LCD: 128*64 dot matrix

- Backlight function, applicable in the darkness.

LCD size: Display area: 44mm*27mm

Meter size (Width*Height*Thickness): 

- Main unit: 78*165*42mm

- High voltage tester: 76*255*31mm

- LV current clamp: 70*115*38mm

Size of clamp: High voltage tester: φ48mm

LV current clamp: 25mm*30mm

Sampling rate: 2 times/second

Measurement range: 

- High voltage tester: 0.0mA~1200A

- LV current clamp: 0.00mA~10A

Resolution: High voltage tester: 0.01mA; LV current clamp: 0.01mA

Gear shift: Fully automatic gear shift

Accuracy of primary loop test (23℃±3℃, <80%RH):

- 0.0mA~10.0A: ±1%±5dgt  

- 10.0A~49.9A: ±2%±5dgt  

- 50.0A~199.9A: ±3%±5dgt

- 200A~600A: ±4%±5dgt    

- 601A~1200A: ±5%±5dgt   

Accuracy of secondary loop test(23℃±3℃, <70%RH): 0.00mA~10A: ±0.5%±5dgt

Turns ratio: 

- Display of 3 kinds of turns ratio:

- Measured turns ratio in primary and secondary circuit;

- The conversion ratio of secondary loop 5A is taken;

- With the conversion ratio of 10kV-YY of the transformer 10kV/380V)

- The maximum conversion ratio is 1:10 million.

Data storage: 3000 groups, press the HOLD key to keep data, and data is numbered automatically (the data will not be lost if there is power failure or battery replacement.

Line voltage: Current measurement in lines with insulating layer below 60kV, or in bare wire below 35kV.  (5 sections of insulating rod is required)

Data hold: Press the HOLD key to hole data, the HOLD symbol will be displayed, and then press again to cancel holding.

Data review: Press HOLD and POWER simultaneously to enter data review interface.

Overflow display: Exceeding measuring range overflow function: “OL A” icon display

No signal indication: When main unit does not receive the transmitter's signal, it will prompt "no signal".

Auto shut-down: Automatically shut-down after powering on for 15 minutes.

Battery voltage: When the battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, indication is displayed to remind user to replace battery

Meter's weight: 

- Main unit: 330g(with battery)

- High voltage tester: 335g(with battery)

- LV current clamp: 150g

- Total: 5kg(with carrying case and insulating rod)

External interference: Avoid extremely strong electromagnetic field

Avoid 433MHz.and 315MHz co-channel frequency interference

Working condition: -25℃~45℃, <80%RH

Storage: -10℃~60℃, <70%RH

Size of insulating rod: φ32mm, 1m/section, 5 sections

LV current clamp lead: 2m

Insulation strength: 

- Insulating rod: AC 60kV/rms (5 sections of insulating rod are all connected, between two ends)

- Between main unit and tester: AC1000V/rms(between enclosure and screw)

Structure: Drip-proof structure type II (high voltage tester)

Ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

Ambient humidity: ≤85%

Altitude: ≤2000m



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