HV HIPOT GDF-3000 直流系统接地故障测试仪 (0-1000kΩ)

Voltage: 220V±15%, 110V±10%, 48V±10%, 24V±10%, or customized voltage level.

Capacitance range: System to the earth, total capacitance ≤100uF; Single branch to the earth, ≤5uF

Output power of Transmitter: ≤ 0.05W.

Measurement range of Transmitter:

- Bus bar to the earth: 0-1000kΩ

- System to the earth: 0-1000kΩ

Accuracy of Receiver: <10µA

Locating range of Receiver:

- 220V DC system: 0-500kΩ

- 110V DC system: 0-250kΩ

- 48V DC system: 0-125kΩ

Environment temperature: -35℃-50℃

Relative humidity: ≦ 95%(no condensing)

Weight: 2kg

Dimension: 380*280*120mm(with packing)



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