HV HIPOT GDFJ-311M SF6 Gas Decomposition Product Tester

Decomposition product

Measurement method: electrochemical measuring principle (with sensor from Membrapor)

Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃

Measurement range:

SO2 0~200PPmv

H2S 0~200PPmv

CO  0~500PPmv

HF   0~50PPmv



SO2 <10PPmv, ±0.3PPmv

     >10PPmv, ±3%

H2S <10PPmv, ±0.3PPmv

     >10PPmv, ±3%

CO  <50PPmv, ±2PPmv

     >50PPmv, ±4%

HF   <10PPmv, ±0.3PPmv

      >10PPmv, ±3%



SO2 <10PPmv, ±0.2PPmv

     >10PPmv, ±2%

H2S <10PPmv, ±0.2PPmv

     >10PPmv, ±2%

CO  <50PPmv, ±2PPmv

     >50PPmv, ±2%

HF   <10PPmv, ±0.2PPmv

      >10PPmv, ±2%

Resolution: 0.1PPmv

Display unit: PPmv

Gas flow: 200 ~ 300ml/min

Gas flow display: 0~1000mL imported digital gas flow meter

Gas pressure: ≤1MPa

Humidity: 90%RH

Measurement value influence: No effect of pressure and flow

Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz, AC/DC use, continuous working is more than 8 hours.

Size: 395*295*155mm

Weight: 2kg


Packing list

Main unit x 1 set

Teflon pipe (include flow adjustment valve and fast connector) x 1 set

Gas pipe x 1 set

Spare part x 1 set

User's guide x 1 copy

Warranty card x 1 copy

Factory test report x 1 copy

Charger x 1pc



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