HV HIPOT GDGM-61588 便携式网络讯息分析仪


Power supply: 100V ~ 250V AC/DC power supply

Processor: Embedded dual-core processor, 2G memory

Storage: 2TB

Operating system: Military-grade embedded real-time operating system vxWorks 6.9

Intelligent data acquisition port

Configuration 1: 8~16pcs 100Mbps SFP module

Configuration 2: 8pcs 100Mbps SFP module + 4pcs 1000Mbps SFP module

Configuration 3: 8pcs FT3(ST) optical fiber port + 8pcs 100Mbps SFP module

Configuration 4: 8pcs FT3(ST) optical fiber port + 4pcs1000Mbps SFP module

Receiving sensitivity: -30 ~ -14dBm

Transmission power: -20 ~ -14dBm

Note: the SFP module can be plugged in LC multi-mode/single-mode optical fiber Ethernet interface or RJ45 Ethernet interface

Message access

Transmission rate: 240Mbps, about 24 MU,≤25% load (at normal load, recommended)

Transmission rate: 320Mbps, about 32 MU,≤40% load (at upper limit load, recommended)

Transmission rate: 400Mbps, about 40 MU, ≤60% load (at limit load)

Transient recording

Channel of sampled value (SV): Number of records ≥512, number of start-up up to 128

Channel of switch quantity (GOOSE): Records and number of start-up≥1024

Continuous recording

Sampling rate: 1000Hz (20 dots/wave cycle)

Channel of sampled value (SV): number of records ≥512

Channel of switch quantity (GOOSE): ≥1024

Continuous recording can be configured;

Time synchronization port

• 1 IRIG-B (DC) code port; 1 IRIG-B (optical fiber) code port;

• Intelligent data acquisition interfaces of all Ethernet types are available for IEC 61588 time synchronization;

Accuracy of clock

Accuracy of clock synchronization: ≤±300ns

Synchronous source is lost after clock synchronization, time-keeping accuracy of the device: ≤±100ms/24h

Timescale resolution of message recording: 40ns

Max. timescale deviation of multiple intelligent acquisition ports: 40ns



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