Power supply: 220V±5V

Frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz

Operation Temperature: 5℃-40℃

Relative humidity: <80%(at 25℃)

Altitude: <2500m

Measuring range

Cophase component(%): 0.0001-200.0, resolution: 0.0001

Quadrature component(min): 0.001-700.0, resolution: 0.001

Impedance(Ω): 0.001-20.0, resolution: 0.0001

Admittance(ms): 0.0001-20.0, resolution: 0.0001

Basic error

Cophase component: ΔX=±(X×2%+Y×2%)±Dx 

Quadrature component: ΔY=±(X×2%+Y×2%×34.48)±Dy

X,Y-- Display value of instrument

Dx, Dy-- Quantization error

Dx=2, Dy=5

Error of Percent table: 1.5%

Operation range:


(1%-149%)In    (In =5A)

(5%-149%)In    (In =1A)


(5%-149%) Un    (Un =100V, 150V, 100V/√3)

(5%-149%)Un    (Un =100V/3)

Working load:

Current: TO/TX <0.12Ω, cosΦ=1

Voltage: a/x <0.25VA (100V)

Polarity instruction

When the current or voltage is at 5% of rated, error is over 180%, it will indicate polarity status.

Note: If the current is above 10% of rated current/voltage, but there is no polarity instruction, it means there is fault, please do not increase current or voltage.

Otherwise, the instrument will burn out.

Ratio instruction

When the current or voltage is above 5% of rated, error is over 30% and less than 180%, it will indicate ratio mistake.

Insulation and withstand voltage instruction:

Terminal TX and Ground terminal () is short circuit

The shell can withstand 1.5kV/1min voltage.

Power consumption: <25VA

Harmonic suppression ratio: >40db

Dimension: 260*350*150mm

Weight: about 6kg



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