HV HIPOT GDHX-9000 Phase Detector (0.4-500kV)


Detectable voltage range: 0.4-500kV(standard is 6-110kV).

Wireless transmission distance: ≥ 200M of visibility range(customized for more than 300M).

Accuracy: 0.1°

Definition: phase angle ≤30°, In-phase; Phase angle ≥30°, Out of phase.

Working frequency: 45-60Hz.

Net weight: 5kg.

Insulation index:

High withstand voltage nylon material for 2pcs transmitters.Insulation level is 80kV/cm.

Moisture-proof extended insulation rod

Electrical & Mechanical specifications of insulation rod

Matin type heat resistance(lengthways):  >200 ℃

Shock resistance(lengthways): >147 MPa/cm

Bending degree(lengthways): >343 MPa

surface resistivity(after water-immersed): >10x1011 Ω

volume resistivity (normality): >10x1031 Ω/cm

Withstand voltage test parameters for insulation rod

Voltage (kV): 6-10; 35; 66-110; 220kV

Length(m): 3.2; 3.2; 3.2; 5.2

Withstand voltage (Standard value + Test value)(kV): 44; 80; 254; 40kV/0.3m (section)

Time (min): 5

Result: Qualified



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