HV HIPOT GDHX-9500 Phase Detector (10V-500kV)

Test voltage: 10V-500kV, suitable for different voltage level. 

Accuracy: self-calibrating error ≤±3°.

Sampling speed: 10 times/s.

Date and time setting: date and time adjustment, easy for users to browse, view the historical data.

Back-light time setting: normally on, normally off, 0-999s can be set by user.

Auto power off setting: 0-999mins can be set by user.

In-phase: ≤20° is considered as in-phase (phase threshold within 0-90°, can be set by user. The system default is 20°.)

Out-phase qualitative: >20° (phase threshold within 0-90°, can be set by user. The system default is 20°.)

Field calibration function: on-site calibration for measured lead, ensure the accuracy of phase angle.

Transmission distance between handset and X, Y detector: X≤150m, Y≤150m.

Multiple mode design, with strong applicability, more safe and convenient.

Unique human-computer interaction interface, simple operation.

FCC antenna design, the signal is stronger and easier to penetrate the blocking of wall, door or barrier.

Double shielding, strong an-ti interference, in full accordance with EMC standards.

Charts and data display, more convenient and easy to read.

Qualitative measurement, display by sound and light signal.

Quantitative measurement, real-time display phase angle difference, error≤5°.

Phase sequence calibration, positive phase sequence, negative phase sequence (120°, 240°).



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