HV HIPOT GDKC-12B 高压断路器分析仪

Usage Environment

- Input Power: 230V±10%, 60Hz±10%   Air Pressure: 86-106kpa

- Temperature: -10-40℃   Humidity: ≤80%RH

Safety Performance

- Insulation Resistance>2MΩ

- Dielectric Strength: Shell can withstand power frequency voltage 1.5kV at 1 minute without flash-over and arcing.

The Basic Parameters

a. Time: Range: 25000.0ms; resolution: 0.01ms


- 0.01ms ± 2digit within 250ms             

- 0.1ms ± 2digit within 2500ms

- 1ms±2 digit within 25000ms

b. Closing resistor: Range: 10KΩ; resolution: 1Ω

c. Velocity: Range 20.00m/s; resolution 0.01m/s

Error: ±0.1m/s± 1digit within 0-2m/s

        ±0.2m/s± 1digit above 2m/s

d. Travel: 

Vacuum breaker:  Range: 50.0mm; Resolution: 0.1mm; Error: 0.1±1mm

SF6 circuit breaker: Range: 300.0mm; Resolution: 1mm; Error: 0.1±1mm

Oil circuit breaker: Range: 600.0mm; Resolution: 1mm; Error: 0.1±1mm

e. Current: range 20.00A; resolution 0.01A

f. Output power: DC0-300V digital adjustable / 20A(instantaneous working), resolution 1V.

g. PC interface: RS232 port, USB port.

h. Dimensions: 360mm (L)* 280mm (W)* 300mm (H)

i. Weight: 9kg



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