HV HIPOT GDPA-61850 模拟-数字波形记录分析仪

CPU: Embedded multi-core CPU

Storage: Standard 500GB*2, hardware compression card is optional



- Acquisition card below can be selected:

Ø Digital message acquisition card F800(100Mb*8),  F1600(100Mb*16), F4000(1000Mb*4)

Ø General quantity acquisition card: 32 channel analog quantity, 64 channel analog quantity, 32 channel analog quantity +32 channel switch quantity

- A single device is equipped with with 4pcs cards at most, module type can be arbitrarily combined, the following are 4 combinations:

+ Configuration 1: 0~32pcs100Mb SFP module;

+ Configuration 2: 0~16pcs 100Mb SFP module+ 4~8pcs 1000Mb SFP module;

+ Configuration 3: 0~24pcs 100Mb SFP module + 64 channel general analog quantity;

+ Configuration 4:0~16pcs 100Mb SFP module + 4~8pcs 1000Mb SFP module + 16 channel general analog quantity +32 channel general switch quantity

Note: the SFP module can be plugged in LC multi-mode /single-mode fiber Ethernet interface or RJ45 Ethernet interface.

Communication: 100Mb/1000Mb self-adaptive RJ45 Ethernet port * 4

Time synchronization port: 1 IRIG-B (DC) code port; 1 IRIG-B (fiber optic) code port

Indicator light: Work, fault, record wave, time synchronization

Switch-out hard contact: Start recording wave, abnormal state of device, power loss of device, backup

Size: 4U in height, 19 inches in width

Power supply: 100V~250V AC/DC power supply



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