HV HIPOT GDPQ-300A 手持式三相电能质量分析仪 ( 0~800V)

Measurement range

Voltage: 0 ~ 200V ~ 800V, auto cutting

Current: CT: 5A/25A (standard); 100A/500A (optional); 400A/2000A (optional)

Phase angle: 0~359.99°

Frequency: 45~65Hz

Voltage channel: 3 channel (UA, UB, UC)

Current channel: 3 channel (IA, IB, IC)

Maximum harmonic analysis times: 63 times.

Maximum continuous storage period of 1 minute interval: 18 months.


Electrical parameter measurement section

Voltage: ±0.2%

Frequency: ±0.01Hz

Current, power: ±0.5%

Phase: ±0.2°

Power quality part

The fundamental voltage tolerance error: ≤0.5%F.S

Fundamental current tolerance error: ≤1%F.S.

Measurement error of phase difference between fundamental voltage and current: ≤0.2°

Harmonic voltage content measurement error: ≤0.1%

Harmonic current content measurement error: ≤0.2%

Three-phase voltage imbalance error: ≤0.2%

Voltage deviation error: ≤0.2%

Voltage variation error: ≤0.2%

Working temperature: -10℃~ +40 ℃

Charging power: AC 220V , 45Hz-55Hz

Host power consumption: ≤ 3VA

The maximum working time of the battery: ≤ 10 hours


(1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the casing is ≤100MΩ.

(2)The working power input end is subjected to a power frequency of 1.5KV (effective value) between the outer casings, and it takes 1 minute to test.

Dimension: 320mm *240mm *130mm

Weight: 2kg



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