HV HIPOT GDPQ-300M 电能质量分析仪 (AC 0.5V~120V)

Error of fundamental voltage: ±0.2%; Error of voltage deviation: ±0.2%

Error of fundamental voltage: ±0.5%

Error of frequency deviation: ±0.01Hz; measurement range: 45~55Hz

Three phase voltage imbalance:

• Absolute error of voltage imbalance 0.2%

• Absolute error of current imbalance 1%

• Phase sequence component of voltage & current: 0.5%

Measurement error of voltage fluctuation: ±5%; Measurement error of flicker: ±5%

Harmonic accuracy: class A

Measurement range of instrument of class A: 0~2500Hz, used for accurate measurement. Measured phase error is less than ±5° or ±1×h°.

Inter-harmonics: the requirement is the same as harmonics. 

Electrical parameters

Power supply: AC 220V±10%; 50Hz±0.5Hz; harmonic distortion≤15%

Current signal input

• Rated value In: 5A, 60A/600A/600A (1pc flexible probe is optional)

• Measurement range: AC10mA~6A, 10mA~6000A (1pc flexible probe is optional)

• Power consumption: ≤0.5VA/channel

• Overload capacity: 1.2In, continuously working; 2In   1s is allowable

Voltage signal input

• Rated value Un: 57.7V/100V, 220V/380V(customized), 400V/690V;

• Measurement range: AC 0.5V~120V, 0.5V~450V(customized); 0.5V~1000V(customized)

• Power consumption: ≤0.5VA/channel

• Overload capacity: 1.3Un, continuously working; 1.4 Un, 1s is allowable

Use conditions

• Normal working temperature: -10℃~+55℃

•  Working temperature limit: -20℃~+65℃

• Relative humidity: 5%~95%

• Protection class: IP50



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