HV HIPOT GDQC-501H SF6 Vacuumizing and Filling Device (55m3/h)

Rotary-vane vacuum pump Brand: Domestic brand [2xz-15B]

Cooling type: long-time working with air cooling type for vacuum pump

Moving type: With wheels, moving by humanpower(light)

Working principle: high pressure ball valve, vacuum gauge assists vacuum pump to vacuumizing

Pumping speed(m3/h): 55

Ultimate vacuum(absolute pressure Pa): 10

Initial pressure of vacuumizing: 53kPa

Final pressure of vacuumizing: 30Pa

Recharge speed: 5m3/h

Vacuum measuring type: Pointer vacuometer

Measure range of vacuuometer: 0-103pa

Yearly leakage rate: ≤1%

Working temperature: 

upper limit: +40℃

lower limit: +5℃, -10℃, -30℃

Noise:  ≤60dB SPL

Power supply: AC 3 phase/4 core 380V±10%, 50Hz

Power(KW): 1.5

SF6 special ball valve: high pressure vacuum dual purpose ball valve(13.5MPa, no leakage)

Vacuumizing port: M2 7×1.5 three channels for option

Steel wire braiding rubber hose will be supplied before leaving factory: M27×1.5×10m/piece

Weight(kg): 66

Size (mm): 800*560*770(or reference)

Appearance color: Silver gray



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