HV HIPOT GDQH-3000C SF6 气体回收单元


• Type: Mobile

• Working principle:

a. Use compressor pressure to compress SF6 gas.

b. The dryer assists gas recovery and refilling.

c. Filled with buffer gasification when inflated (heatable).

• Working environment temperature: -10ºC (-30 optional) --- +40ºC

• Main performance and technical parameters:

1. Device ultimate vacuum: <10Pa;

2. Device vacuum rate: 63m3/h (vacuum pump ultimate vacuum less than 0.06Pa);

3. Device refilling initial pressure: <133Pa (user customized);

4. Device refilling final pressure: ≤0.7MPa;

5. Device refilling rate: >15m3/h;

6. Device recovery initial pressure: ≤0.8MPa;

7. Device recovery final pressure: <5mbar;

8. Device recovery compressor speed: 11.6m3/h;

9. Device annual leakage rate: <1%;

10. Maximum design pressure of storage tank: 5Mpa;

11. Storage tank: 300L;

12. Dimensions: 2000*1100*1700mm;

13. Storage mode: steam, liquid;

14. Noise: ≤75dB sound pressure level;

15. Dry filter regeneration method: vacuum regeneration heat activation treatment;

16. Power supply: AC three-phase 220V/±10%, 50Hz;

17. Device total power: <14KW;

18. Device weight: 1120kg;

19. Purification: micro water 40PPm, oil 5PPm, dust less≤0.5 microns.


Main Components Parameters

• SF6 compressor

a: Theoretical exhaust volume: 11.6m3/h;

b: Maximum exhaust pressure: 5Mpa;

c: Minimum suction pressure: 53Kpa;

d: Maximum suction pressure: 0.35~0.8Mpa;

e: Power: 5.5KW;

f: Power supply: 380V, 50/60Hz;

• Vacuum system uses two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump

a: The vacuum pump is air-cooled for long-term operation;

b: Vacuum pumping rate: 60m3/h;

c: Ultimate vacuum: 0.1mbar;

d: Power: 3KW;

• Filtration system (purification system: USA EMERSON filter element, two-stage filtration, vacuum activated self regeneration treatment)

• lSF6 valve: SF6 special 3-365 R01 VK/F-02/20;

• Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge: (DAMASS, Germany), digital Pirani vacuum gauge;

• PLC touch screen, automatic control system;



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