HV HIPOT GDSF-311WP SF6 Gas Dew Point and Purity Tester (-80℃~+20℃)

SF6 Humidity

Measurement method: Resistive and Capacitive measurement principle

Measurement range: dew point -80℃--+20℃(support ppmv)

Accuracy: ±1℃

(when the dew point temperature is below 0 ℃, the sensor output is the frost point)

Response time: 63% [90%]

+20→-20℃ Td 5s[45s]

-20→-60℃ Td 10s[240s]

Resolution: 0.01℃

Repeatability: ± 0.5 ℃

Display unit: ℃, ppm, ℃P20(converted value at 20℃)

Gas flow: 400-600ml/min

Flow display: 0-1000mL digital flow meter

Sample gas pressure: ≤1MPa


SF6 Purity

Measurement method: TCD technology.

Measuring range: 0 ~ 100% SF6.

Accuracy and repeatability: ± 0.5%, nothing to do with the flow.

Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz, AC/DC use, over-charge protection, continuous working is no lower than 8hours.

Use environment temperature: -20--+60℃

Environment humidity: 90%RH

Measurement value influence: No effect of pressure and flow

Dimension: 395*295*155mm

Weight: about 2kg



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