HV HIPOT GDTF-4500/750 Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System (4500kVA)

Working Environment

Environmental temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Related humidity: ≤ 90% RH

Altitude: ≤ 3km

Technical Data

Rated capacity: 4500kVA

Input power supply: Three phase 380V, 50Hz

Rated voltage: 500, 750kV

Rated current: 9A, 6A

Working Frequency: 30-300Hz

Output waveform: sine wave

Waveform distortion rate: ≤1%

Working time: constant working of 5mins under rated load. Working of 1min, under 1.1 times of rated voltage

Temperature rise: ≤65K after constant working of 5mins under rated load

Quality factor: Q ≥30 (f=45Hz)

Protective function: Over-current, over-voltage and flash-over protections for test object.

Accuracy: 1.5% (RMS)



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