HV HIPOT GDUD-PTM Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Insulator

1. Transmitting/Receiving

Transmitting voltage: 600V

Sampling frequency: 100MHz(Max.)

Pulse repetition frequency: 60Hz

Impedance matching: 50Ω/500Ω

Working mode: Self- transmitting and receiving/ Single transmitting and single receiving/ Penetrating

Resolution: ≥36dB(5N14)

Average electrical noise: ≤ 8x10-9V√Hz

2. Amplify/detect

Sensitivity margin: ≥60dB(200mm deep, Φ2Flat bottom hole)

Gain: 0~110dB, step 0dB/0.1dB/1dB/2dB/6dB for selection

Amplifier accuracy: ±1dB

Vertical linearity error: ≤3%

Automatic gain: 10%- 90%

Dynamic Range: ≥35dB

3. Time base

Detection range: 10- 6000mm, 0.1,1 and 10mm step automatic setting

Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.1%

Sound speed: 1000- 16000m/s, step is 1m/s

Zero offset (probe delay): 0- 500.0us

Display pan: 0- 1000.0mm; 0.1, 1mm step automatic setting

4. Curve

DAC curve:

- Distance-amplitude curve(DAC), 2~10pcs reference point

- 4 additional correctable dB curves

5. Signal Processing

Signal suppression: 0-90%, linear

Detection gate (1 piece): 

- Starting point / width / height continuously adjustable

- Positive/negative alarm in the gate

- Output (sound and light alarm) control

- Signal measurement point selection in the gate

Measurement mode: 

- Sound path/horizontal distance/depth real- time calculation display

- TOF (time of flight) measurement real- time calculation display

- Dynamic display of sound path refraction

- Static reading measurement calculation

- Optional reference quantification and positioning

6. Flaw detection function

Channel: 20groups

Storage: 500 echo signals

Display: Full freeze/reference freeze

Envelope curve: Peak envelope record display

Real time clock: Date/time tracking, standard clock timing

Interface: USB port, supporting computer communication and management

7. Display

Display: High- bright, true color TFT display, 5.7 inches

Frequency: NTSC(60Hz)

8. Structure and use environment

Battery: Lithium polymer battery, working time ≥ 10 hours

Dimension and weight: 210mmx165mmx50mm,1.8kg(with battery)

Environment temperature: -5ºC~60ºC

Relative humidity: 20- 90%RH



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