HV HIPOT GDWY-250V/15A Adjustable DC Power Supply (0-250V; 0-15A)

Input voltage: AC220V±15%, 50/60Hz. (When output voltage is decreased, the allowable input voltage lower limit is decreased.)

Adjustable range of output voltage: 0-250V

Adjustable range of output current: 0-15A

Adjustment rate of source voltage: Voltage stabilization≤0.5%, adjustment rate of load: voltage stabilization≤1%, constant current≤2%.

Efficiency: ≥ 86%

Ripple voltage: Total ripple wave voltage Vpp≤3%.

Output voltage: display accuracy ±1.5% (calculate according to max. Output voltage)

Output current: display accuracy ±2.0% (calculate according to max. Output current)

Overshoot of output voltage when start-up: ≤2%

Insulation resistance: input to output ≥20MΩ, input to shell ≥20MΩ, output to shell ≥80MΩ.

Insulation strength: Input-output, AC1500V, 10mA, 1min; Input-shell, AC1500V, 10mA, 1min; Output-shell, AC1500V,10mA,1min.

Temperature threshold value of over-heating protection: 75-85℃

Average non-fault time: ≥ 50000h.

Environment condition: storage temperature -20--50℃, working temperature -5--45℃, relative humidity 90%(at 40±2℃), atmospheric pressure 70-106kPa.

Dimension: 370*300*78mm. Weight: approx. 8kg.

Heat dissipation air flue: front inlet and back outlet of internal air flue.



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