HV HIPOT GDZJ-30S Turn-to-Turn Surge Withstand Tester (0-30kV)

Input voltage:220V±5%;  Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ±2%;

Measurement range:0-30kV,continuous adjustment,±5%

Trigger times:6.25 time/s- 50 times/s

Waveform rising time:0.1-0.5μS

Capacitance error: (+0.3)/(-0.1) µs

Impulse capacitance: 0.01μF -0.1μF

Max output energy: 60J

Power consumption: 1000VA

Insulation resistance:insulation resistance between power input terminal and tester ≥20MΩ

Dielectric strength: 1500V/50HZImin,there is no flashing and breakdown for withstand voltage test.

Temperature:0-40 degree

Relative humidity:≤80% at 40 degree

Waveform capacitance deviation:±3%

Dimension: 650*550*1700mm

Weight: 100kg

Application:turn to turn withstand voltage test for rated voltage 10kV motor



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