HV HIPOT GDZL-50L 机油滤清器 (50L/min)

Capacity: 50L/min. 

When the vacuum pump is working, pay attention to the oil condition indicated by the oil mark (the oil should be on the oil mark line). When the water is much in the vacuum pump oil, the oil should be replaced in time.

When operation, if there is more water in the cooler, it should be released in time.

Always pay attention to the change of pressure gauge value. When the pressure is >0.3Mpa, the filter should be cleaned, or the filter element replaced.

The filter screen of the primary filter, the secondary filter and the fine filter should be removed and cleaned frequently, and kept clean to avoid blockage, that resulting in insufficient oil or excessive pressure.

During operation, pay attention to whether the running noise of the pump and the corresponding motor is normal. If abnormal, it should be eliminated immediately.

When the machine is not in use, the residual oil in the oil machine should be put out for use.


Oil Filtration machine x 1 set

Seal ring x 1 set

Oil tube x 6M

Hoop x 4pcs

User’s Guide x 1copy

Factory test report x 1copy



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