IETLAB GenRad 1689精密阻抗计

(Full specifications can be found on datasheet)

The world's standard for AC Resistance, Low Frequency Inductance and Capacitance measurement
0.02% Measurement Accuracy and +/- 0.0001 Df
Programmable Frequency 12 Hz - 100 kHz
 Widely accepted impedance meter in a metrology environment
1689 has a built-in 4 terminal kelvin fixture for testing axial and radial components
1689M has four BNC connectors for use with a wide variety of standard accessories




GenRad 1689 Impedance Meter Basic Specifications

(See datasheet for full specifications)

Measurement Parameters: C/D, L/Q, R/Q, or C/R (series or parallel)
Test Frequencies:
Over 500 programmable test frequencies (12Hz to 100kHz) 0.01% Accuracy.
Applied Voltage
: 5mV to 1.275V (programmable in 5mV steps).
Measurement Speed:
Up to 19 measurements/second.
Accuracy: (Primary parameter) Basic RLC ±0.02%. (Secondary parameter) Basiic DQ ±0.0001
1689 Accuracy Calculator
Impedance Range

Parameter Direct Reading Range Ratio and DQ in PPM
R 0.00001Ω to 99999kΩ 0.00010μΩ to 9999.9GΩ
L 0.00001mH to 99999H 0.00010nH to 9999.9MH
C 0.00001pF to 99999μF 0.00010aF to 9999.9F
R with C 0.0001Ω to 9999kΩ not extended
D with C 0.0001 to 9999 1 to 9999 ppm
Q with R or L 0.0001 to 9999 1 to 9999 ppm


GenRad 1689-9750 (M) Impedance Meter Standard Accessories
1689-0120 1689 Instruction Manual
4200-0300 AC Power Cord
1689-9602 BNC to BNC Extender Cables
NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration

GenRad 1689 and 1689M Precision Impedance (LCR) Meter (RLC Digibridge)

The GenRad 1689 Precision Impedance Meter gives you the best performance for your most demanding applications whether they be production test, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation, process monitoring or dielectric measurement. It is a versatile, full function microprocessor-based passive component tester that's available in a rack mountable, (1689M) model.

The GenRad 1689 Precision Impedance Meter is a sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled tester that brings new levels of flexibility, simplicity and accuracy to impedance measurement. It is a high performance automated tester with a range of programmable test frequencies and test voltages, as well as automatic limit comparison, automatic parameter selection, remote programmability, automatic binning, and automatic zeroing.

The 1689M Precision Impedance Meter provides a powerful combination of features designed to maximize productivity in all testing environments.

  • *0.02% Accuracy for impedance (RLC) measurements.
  • *0.0001 for D and Q measurements.
  • *Programmable test frequencies from 12Hz to 100kHz for maximum testing versatility.
  • *Programmable test voltages from 5mV to 1.275V permits testing at exact manufacturer specified voltage levels.
  • *Full range keyboard-selectable test speeds: 1689-Variable up to 50 measurements per second with high speed option complements automatic handling equipment to maximize throughput.
  • *Two selectable measurement modes: Continuous and Triggered with averaging available in each ensures measurement flexibility for your impedance measurements
  • *Optional, upgraded, IEEE-488.2 Interface enable remote programming and allow the addition of a component handler to optimize throughput.
  • * IET Digibridge LabView Driver August 2012 for 1689-9640 ieee interface
  • *Wide choice of measurement parameters allow you to work with familiar units.
  • *A full, five-digit LED display for RLC measurements and a four-digit readout for D and
  • *Q testing, simultaneously display both test results for each measurement, automatically.
  • *Guarded Kelvin measurement techniques protect measurement integrity.
  • *Automatic limit comparison and binning ensure fast, mistake-proof sorting of components.
  • *Automatic self-test and diagnostic check maintains reliable, error-free operation.
  • *Automatic Binning Summary capability simplifies reporting of measurement results.

GenRad 1689 Impedance Meter Applications

  • *Laboratory Component Analysis
  • *Material Measurement
  • *Quality Assurance
  • *Research and Development
  • *Component Manufacturing
  • 质量承诺
  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化