INSIZE 2421-12 涨簧式内径量表 (7.7-12.5mm, 6)

Range: 7.7-12.5mm

Quantity of points: 6

Measuring range of point: 7.7-8.3mm; 8.2-8.8mm; 8.7-9.3mm; 9.2-10.5mm; 10.2-11.5mm; 11.2-12.5mm

Measuring depth (L1): 45mm

Total length (L): 118mm

Material of poins: hard chromed

Type of point: C

Split type contact points

Accuracy (without indicator): 

- 3µm (measuring range: 0.95-10mm)

- 4µm (measuring range: 10-20.6mm)

Repeatability (without indicator): 1µm

Setting rings and indicators are optional

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