INSIZE 2844-10 数显表面轮廓量规 (0-12.7mm/0-0.5")


Range: 0-12.7mm/0-0.5"

Digital indicator stroke: 12.7mm/0.5"

Digital indicator resolution: 0.001mm/0.00005"

Accuracy: ±0.005mm


Mearure peak-to-valley height of blast cleaned surface.

- If the profile is too slow, the adhesion of the coating to the surface will be reduced.

- If the profile is too high, there is a danger that the profile peaks will remain uncoated, allowing rust spots to occur.

Meet ASTM D 4417-B

Zero set block is included, set zero before measurement

Button function: tolerance Go and No-Go display, data preset, measuring direction change, max./min./TIR measurement, inch/metric conversion, absolute/incremental measurement.

CR2032 battery, automatic power off

Data output

Stainless stell base

Optional accessory: data output cable (code 7315-, 7302-, 7305-)



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