INSIZE 5103-M1000BD 金相显微镜 (50X~500X;明视和暗视物镜)

Illumination: 12V/50W halogen lamp, brightness is adjustable

Objective (infinite plan achromatic): bright & dark field objectives: 5X; 10X; 20X; 50X

Working distance: 9.70mm; 9.30mm; 7.23mm; 2.50mm

Numerical aperture: 0.12; 0.25; 0.40; 0.70

Magnification: 50X~500X

Eyepiece (wide field): 10X (view field: ϕ22mm)


- Double layer 

- Size: 242x200mm

- Travel: 30x30mm

Pupil distance: 53~75mm

Diopter adjustment: ±5 diopter (one eyepiece)

Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz

Dimension: 614x250x394mm

Weight: 13kg

Standard delivery:

- Main unit: 1pc

- Anti- dust cover: 1pc

- Polarizer and analyzer: 1pc

Optional accessory: 

- Bright and dark field objectives

- 10X dividing eyepiece (0.1mm/div.)



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