INSIZE ISU-300D 超音厚度计 (透膜)


Measuring range: E-E mode: coating thickness 0~1mm, substrate thickness 4~25mm

                             T-E mode: substrate thickness 1,5~200mm

Resolution: 0.01mm (range<100mm)

                   0.1mm (range≥100mm)

Repeatability: 0.03mm (range<100mm)

                       0.1mm (range≥100mm)

Accuracy: ±0.04mm (range<10 mm)

                 ±(0.04+H/1000)mm (range 10~100mm)

                 ±H/333mm (range≥100mm)

H is a thickness to be measured in mm

Velocity: 1000 ~ 9999m/giây

Power supply: Pin AAA 2x1,5V

Dimension: 116x64x27mm

Weight: 220g


Two measuring modes, Echo-Echo (E-E) and Transmit-Echo (T-E):

-E-E is applicable for non-metallic coating (such as pain, plastic resin, etc.) on metal substrates, can penetrate coating and measure the thickness of substrates

-T-E is to measure the thickness of material without coating, such as metal, plastic, glass, nylon, resin, ceramics, ice, etc.

Tolerance measurement

Average calculation of maximum 9 readings

Data can be input to Excel and Word as keyboard signal

Standard delivery:

Main unit: 1 pc

Transducer ISU-T07: 1 pc

Battery (AAA): 2 pcs

Couplant (for ISU-T04, ISU-T06, ISU-T07, ISU-T12): 1 bottle

USB cable: 1 pc



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