ITECH IT-M3141D 双通道可编程直流电源 (12CH,15A,30V,400W)

Voltage: CH1:30V/CH2:30V

Current: CH1:15A/CH2:15A

Power: CH1:400W/CH2:400W

Resolving: 1mV/1mA

Accuracy: ≤0.03% + 0.02%FS /≤0.05% + 0.5%FS

Interface: Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/ GPIB/USB/RS485/External analog

Size: ½ U



Product Features

♦ High power density, 1U Half-Rack only Isolated dual-channel design

♦ Different timing output of each channel, synchronous or delayed output, output with different voltage ratios

♦ Adjustable rise/fall time

♦ Up to 100 steps LIST operation, support output of various dynamic waveforms

♦ CC/CV loop speed and priority setting

♦ Independent control of multi- channels, one communication card can control up to 16 channels

♦ Support CW


♦ Five optional cards , providing RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB,USB_TMC,

♦ USB_VCP, RS485, external analog and IO communication interfaces

♦ Support TRACE function, can draw voltage and current waveforms in real time ( Supported by program)

♦ Various protection functions such as Sense, OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, Foldback

♦ Provide self-locking function, when the device is self-locked, the device will not be able to output

Functions and Advantages

Modular design, flexible combination

Thanks to the modular design, several units of IT-M3100D dual-channel DC power supply can be freely stacked, no additional

accessories needed, as easy as building blocks. Of course, you can also use the IT-E154 rack mount kit to easily install one or more units in a standard 19-inch rack. Flexible combination can effectively help you to avoid repeated purchases of equipment.

* Max.10 units can be stacked without rack mount kit.

Multi-channel independent control

The IT-M3100D dual-channel DC power supply adopts an independent multi-channel design, which makes it easy to connect between the power supply and the computer. When a multi-channel power supply system is formed, the channel number will be displayed on the interface of each power supply. If the communication interface of one of the units is connected to the computer, you can independently control each power supply in the system by software. Each channel can be operated independently. A 37U cabinet can include up to 40 units/80 channels, which greatly increases the utilization rate of the equipment.

* For details, pls. contact EMIN

Synchronism (Link)

IT-M3100D supports synchronization function whether it is a single unit or in a multi-channel power supply system. It is suitable for the simultaneous testing of multiple DUTs, or the application scenarios where the DUT is multi-channel power input. There are three synchronization modes for you, On/Off, Track, Duplicate. You just need to configure parameters on one power supply, and the parameters can be automatically replicated or synced proportionally to other power supplies in the loop. When the ON/OFF function is used with the ON/OFF delay function in the menu, synchronous power-on or sequential power-on can be realized.

Multi-Protection Function

IT-M3100D dual-channel DC power supply has various protection functions such as OCP / OVP / OTP / OPP / U-Max/U-Min/Sense/Foldback. The Sense function helps to pop up a warning in time and switch the power supply to the Local output when the output terminal fails. The Foldback function is used to turn off the output when the power CV / CC is switched, so as to protect DUT that are sensitive to voltage overshoot and current overshoot.

Web server access

IT-M3100D has a built-in Web server. You can monitor and control it through your web browser. After the IT-M3100D and the computer are connected via LAN interface, enter the IP address of the power

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