Jeiotech VB-25G 粘度测量加热浴(25升)

Bath Volume: 25 lits
temperature controler: PID
Digital timer for delayed ON / OFF. (from 1 min to 99 hr 59 min)
Working Temperature Range: Amb. +5 to 150℃
Temperature Stability: 0.05±℃
Dimension Bath Opening (W×L, D): 145×265, 330mm
Cover Lids/ Hole for Thermometer: 5ea / Ø51, 1ea / Ø12.6
Dimension Overall: 492×374×547mm
Net Weight: 28 kg
Electrical Requirements (230V) 50Hz, 13A
- Include 
+ Stainless steel Covers for holes on the Top
+ Cooling Coil

Viscometer Tube Holders

Viscometer Tube Holders

Specially designed to hold a two-opening viscometer glass tube and made of Bakelite, renowned for its high thermal endurance. (only for VB Models)

Cat. No. Suitable for
AAA43501 VB-25G (need Max. 5 holders)
VB-40G (need Max. 8 holders)

◊ 2 and 2.8L flasks must be used due to height restrictions, respectively.
* Flask clamps for universal platforms are sold separately.

Cooling Circulators

The temperature range of viscometer heating baths can be lowered up to +10℃ (+50℉) when used with an optional cooling circulator. (only for VB Models)

Cat. No. Suitable for Cooling Circulators *
AAH57011K VB-25G (230V, 60Hz) RW-1025G (230V, 60Hz)
AAH57012K VB-25G (230V, 50Hz) RW-1025G (230V, 50Hz)
AAH57021K VB-40G (230V, 60Hz) RW-2025G (230V, 60Hz)
AAH57022K VB-40G (230V, 50Hz) RW-2025G (230V, 50Hz)

* Refer to Refrigerated & Heating Bath Circulators for more information on the cooling circulators.


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