KAIP CH-14A 精密十进标准电容校准机 (0.1pF~0.1111110μF)

Operation conditions

Ambient temperature: (23±2) °C

Relative humidity: (50±10)%

1. Capacitance range:  0.1pF~0.1111110μF

2. Minimum step size: 0.1pF

3. Digits of reading: Six-digit decimal system

4. Zero-switch capacitance:  <0.00005pF

5. Error:

0.1pF~1pF:   ±(0.05% +0.00005pF)

1pF~0.1111110μF:  ±0.05%

6. Output mode: Four-terminal output

7. Calibration frequency/operating frequency (f):   1,000Hz

8. Maximum operating voltage (U): ≤100V




CH-14A precision decade capacitance box is a variable standard measuring instrument. Its capacitance can be changed from 0.1pF to 0.1111110µF at a step of 0.1pF. The capacitance box adopts a special three-terminal changeover switch. When one of standard capacitors is connected to testing circuit, all of other standard capacitors can be shorted and connected to ground. This design can eliminate all of interference and instability from unused capacitors. This capacitance box has negligible zero-switch capacitance. Therefore, its minimum capacitance range can be lowered to 0.1pF, which is very useful for fine tuning capacitance at 0.1pF step.

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