KAIP CH16-B 精密十进标准电容校准机 (100pF~111.1110μF)

Operation conditions

Ambient temperature: (23±2) °C

Relative humidity: (50±10)%

1. Capacitance range: 100pF~111.1110μF

2. Minimum step size: 100pF

3. Digits of reading: Six-digit decimal system

4. Zero-switch capacitance: <0.00005pF

5. Error :

100pF~1μF: ±0.03%

1μF~111.1110μF: ±0.05%

6. Output mode: Three-terminal and four-terminal-pair output

7. Calibration frequency/operating frequency (f):

100pF~1μF: 1,000Hz

1μF~111.1110μF:  100Hz

8. Maximum operating voltage (U):

100pF~1μF: ≤100V

1μF~111.1110μF: ≤50V




CH16-B precision decade large-capacitance box is a standard capacitance measuring instrument designed for measurement institutes, research institutes, production measurement and laboratories. The capacitance range is from 100pF to 111.1110μF with a minimum step of 100pF and zero-switch capacitance less than 0.00005pF. The capacitance box has six-digit decade readings.

This capacitance box has both three-terminal and four-terminal output modes and can be connected to the instrument through BNC socket. Three-terminal output is on the right side and four-terminal output is on the left side.

The capacitance box adopts new-structure changeover switch, high-quality capacitor synthetic material, and precision standard capacitor manufactured through special processing. It has stable and reliable capacitance and is easy to use.

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