KASAHARA SS-10Z Sludge lever meter

Measurement methods

- MLSS: Light transmitted through the near infrared palace

- Water depth: semiconductor pressure sensor

Measuring range

- MLSS: 0 to 20000 mg / L

- Water depth: 0 to 5.00 m (digital display)

(Can measure up to 10.00m with cable extensions)

MLSS Measurement Modes Built-in linear suite for application-selectable measurement

For example:

Milk residue regime, food residue

Food residue regime

Combined septic tank mode

Sludge regime for wastewater treatment

Mud regime for manure treatment

Condensed sedimentation regime


- MLSS: 10 mg / L (from 0 to 10000 mg / L); 100 mg / L (10000 to 30000 mg / L)

- Water depth: 0.01m

Device reproducibility

- MLSS: Within ± 2% of specified value under certain conditions (within ± 150 mg / L for 5,000 mg / L or less)

- Water depth: within ± 0.03m

Power source: AAA Alkaline dry battery (LR03 x 3)

With auto power off function (30 minutes after power on)


Body: 70 (W) x 36 (H) x 170 (D)

Detector: Ф40 x 214

Test probe type: SSD-10Z

<With pressure sensor>

Standard cable length 6m (extendable up to 11m)

Body weight: Approximately 300 g, Detector: 550 g (cable not included)

Supplied include: Machine (with 6m cable), AAA alkaline dry battery (LR3 x 3), Test head with top and bottom impact resistant rubber, cleaning brush, strap

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