KBC PT-V67/U67 Professional Waterproof FM Transceiver (10W; 128 CH)


Frequency: VHF 136 - 174 MHz / UHF: 400-470MHz

Number of channels: 128

Channel spacing: Wide: 25KHz / Narrow: 12.5 KHz

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Power consumption: 7.4V ± 10%

Rated current: 10-50mA

Battery: 4500mAh

Dimensions: 130x60x39 (mm)

Weight: 300g


Output power: 10W ± 0.5W

Standard frequency: ± 2.5ppm

Noise level: <5%

Modulation limit: Wide: <5KHz; Narrow <2.5 KHz

Communication intensity: <2.6-2.65A

Modulation characteristic: ± 3dB

Power of adjacent channel:> 65dB

Spurious emission: <65uW

Bandwidth: <16KHz


Audio output power: 1W

Receiving signal sensitivity: 12dB 0.2 uV

Noise level: <5%

Sound feedback: ± 3dB

Channel synchronization modulation:> 8dB

Selective adjacent channel:> 55dB

Modulation exemption:> 55dB

Exemption or reduction of fake information:> 55dB

Dialog channel characteristics:> 84dB

Accessories: Charger, adaptor, Belt, Antenna, Battery



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