Kewell EBD150 Battery pack charge and discharge test system (150kW)

AC power input voltage: 380VAC±10%, 3φ3W+G, frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±3Hz

Power quality

- Power factor:≥0.99

- Total harmonic distortion (THD): <3%

Voltage: 150kW

Rated current: ±500A

Output DC voltage range: 24-800V

Output DC voltage precision: ±(0.1%·FS+5dgt)

Output DC current precision: ±(0.1%·FS+5dgt)

Response time

- Current rise/down response: 10ms (0-90%)

- Charge and discharge switch time: 20ms (-90%-90%)

- Main channel data acquisition speed: 10ms

Output ripple: <0.2%FS

Overall efficiency: ≥94%

Equipment noise: ≤65dB

Protection grade: IP22

Cooling mode: force-air cooling



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