KEYSIGHT DAQ973A Data Acquisition System

DC voltage

Measurement method: Keysight patented continuously integrating multi-slope IV A/D converter

A/D Linearity: 0.0001% of reading + 0.0001% of range

Input resistance

 0.1 V, 1V, 10V range: Selectable 10 MΩ or >10 GΩ

 100 V, 300 V range: 10 MΩ ± 1%

Input bias current: < 30 pA at 25 ºC

Input protection: 300 V on all ranges

True RMS AC voltage

Measurement type: AC-coupled True RMS. Measures the AC component of the input.

Measurement method: Digital sampling with anti-alias filter

Maximum input: 250 DCV, 300 Vrms

Input impedance: 1 MΩ ± 1%, in parallel with < 100 pF

Input protection: 300 Vrms

DC current

Input protection: 1.6A 250V fuse on DAQM901A

True RMS AC current

AC measurement method: Digital sampling with anti-alias fil

Power consumption: 45 watts

Rack dimensions (W x H x D): 212.6 mm x 88.5 mm x 348.3 mm

Bench dimensions (W x H x D): 261.0 mm x 103.7 mm x 378.0 mm



11062A Kelvin clip set

34307A 10-pack of J-type thermocouples

34308A 5-pack of 10 kΩ thermistors

34905-60001 Kit of 10 SMB-to-BNC adapter cables, 50 Ω


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