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KEYSIGHT PZ2130A 精密源/测量单元模块 (5CH, 100 pA, 30 V, 500 mA DC)

Number of channels: 5

Number of slots: 1

Output range

Max. voltage: 30V

Max. current (DC): 500 mA

Max. current (Pulse): N/A

Resolution Min. voltage: 6 uV

Min. current: 100 pA

Current measurement noise RMS (1 PLC): 75 pArms

Voltage source noise

Peak-to-peak (0.1 - 10 Hz): < 20μV

Peak-to-peak (20 MHz): < 12 mV

RMS (20 MHz): < 1 mVrms (< 25 μVrms with PX0107A)

RMS (200 MHz): < 3.3 mVrms

Min. pulse width: N/A

Max. slew rate: 0.15 V/μs

Digitizer mode: No

Max. sampling rate: 250 kSa/s

Auto measurement ranging: Yes

Seamless current measurement ranging: Yes

Remote sense (4-wire connection): Yes

Guard shield port for low current measurement: Yes

Operation mode

Standard mode: Yes

PS mode: Yes

High capacitance mode: No

Laser diode mode: No

Temperature: 0°C ± 50°C

Humidity: 10% to 80%

Warm-up time: 40 minutes

Self-calibration: Performed within the last 24 hours.

Ambient temperature changes less than ± 5 °C after self-calibration execution.

Calibration period: One year

Aperture time: 1 PLC 

Terminal connection: Kelvin connection



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