KIKUSUI KES7412A 电压变化模拟器 (±60 V/±37.5 A)

- Output

Output voltage/current: ±60 V ±37.5 A

Peak current ±75 A (20 ms)

Output mode: CV

Frequency response: DC ~ 100 kHz: ±60V at no load, –3dB

Small-amplitude frequency response (reference value): DC ~ 300 kHz: ±10V at no load, –3dB

Internal resistance: 10mW or less

Power/load variation: 0.05% + 40 mV

Ripple noise: 40mVrms/100mVpp or less (at no load, factory-set default)

Rise/fall time: 1 µs or less (square wave 60 V)

- Signal source (internal signal source)

Built-in waveform (fixed): ISO 7637 TEST PULSE 2b, TEST PULSE 4

Built-in waveform (arbitrary): Line, sine waveform, square waveform, sine sweep, square sweep, etc

- Signal source (external signal input)

Frequency range: DC ~ 300 kHz

Gain: Up to 60 V of gain can be controlled with × 6 (±10 V), × 12 (±6 V)voltage.

Input impedance: 10 kW or less

- Others

I/F: RS232C

Power consumption: 6 kVA or less

Operating temperature range: +5˚C ~ +35˚C

Operating humidity range: 30% ~ 85%rh (dew condensation not allowed)

Storage temperature range: 0˚C ~ +40˚C

Storage humidity range: 30% ~ 85%rh (dew condensation not allowed)

Dimensions: 440(17.32”)W×1140(44.88”)H ×610(24.01”)D mm

Weight: Approx. 155 kg(341.71lbs)

The tester have a switch module built-in



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