KIKUSUI PFX2511 充放电系统控制器 (60 V / 50 A)

Rating: 60 V / 50 A

Application software: BPChecker2000 (free version attached, 2-CH without limitation of function from qualified version)

Communication interface: TP-BUS

Monitoring data minimum time interval: 1 s (up to 30 channels), 2 s (more than 30 channels)

High speed data sampling: Selected from 1 ms/10 ms/100 ms maximum 6000 points for every profile

Charge/ discharge mode: 6 modes

Charging: CC, CC-CV

Discharging: CC, CP, CC-Pulse, CP-Pulse

Test condition configuration: Maximum 20 patterns are divided into individual loop setting and total repeat setting with charging and discharging as a pair.

Termination condition: Fixed time




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