KLEINWACHTER EFM 022 CPS Electro Field Meter with Charge Plate (± 1MV/m)

E-Field Meter Ranges:

Manual selected.

± 20kV/m; ± 200kV/m und ± 1MV/m

Max. Value:

Distance 1cm is switched on (for MK 023)

After pressing the switch the maximum pos. and neg. Measure Values are displayed (Walking Test). By pressing the switch again the values will be reset and starts again.

No zero drift

Therefore a zero adjustment is not needed before each measurement.

Measurement ranges: 

distance 1cm: 0 to 10kV

distance 2cm: 0 to 20kV

distance 5cm: 0 to 50kV

distance 10cm: 0 to 100kV

distance 20cm: 0 to 200kV

Dimensions: 122mm x 70mm x 26mm ( L x W x H )

Weight: approx. 130 g (without battery)

Power supply: 9V Alkali battery  IEC 6F22


2-line alphanumeric LC-display with 12 digits each

The measurement distance in cm will be displayed in the first line, the voltage potential will be indicated in volts in the second line.

Scope of delivery:

Transport case with conductive foam interior

3 pc. 9V NiMH storage batteries

Plug-in charger for 9V storage batteries

CPS base

Plate capacitor

HV charger

Grounding cable 1,5m and 1m

Alligator clip




In combination with the Charge Plate Set CPS 022 the EFM 022 becomes a charge plate monitor for the supervision of air ionizers according to EN 100015 and EOS/ESD S.3.1

The capacity of the charging electrode  complies to the norms.

The discharge time  from ±1000V to ±100V is measured with the EFM 022's integrated timer. The charging takes place with a external HV charger. Lieferumfang

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