KLEINWACHTER CPM 374 Charge Plate Monitor (12V DC/750mA)

Dimensions: 152mm x 152mm x 152mm (L x W x H)

Weight: approx. 990g

Display: alphanumeric display 2 lines x 16 characters (100mm x 24mm)

PC interface: Serial interface for controlling the device functions and for outputting measured values (9-pin SUB D socket)

Power supply: internal with battery block 7.2V / 1300mAh (permanently monitored) operating time approx. 4 hours of continuous operation with a full battery, external with power supply 12V DC / 750mA

Loading time: Max. 14h

Power consumption: approx. 150mA in battery operation / approx. 600mA in mains operation

Auto shutdown: If no button has been pressed, approx. 5 minutes after the end of the measurement




The Charge Plate Monitor CPM 374 measures the voltage potential on its integrated plate electrode. A timer function is used to determine the discharge time, based on a preselected voltage threshold, at a lower voltage value. A high-voltage unit and an electric field meter based on the field mill influence principle are integrated. 
This enables the necessary high input impedance of 10 15 Ω to measure electrostatic voltage potentials and discharge times of air ionization devices.

The device corresponds to the European EN 61340-5-1 and the American EOS / ESD S.3.1

The high-voltage unit is separated with high resistance and is therefore safe to touch.

Due to its compact design and battery operation, the CPM 374 is ideal for mobile use in industrial areas, but it can also be operated stationary thanks to its mains connection. The CPM 374 is operated via only 2 buttons, is menu-controlled and therefore very user-friendly. All set measurement parameters are shown on the two-line LCD display for better orientation. The measured pos. and neg. discharge times as well as the offset voltage are stored in the internal, non-volatile EEPROM memory and can be read out later via the serial RS 232 interface.

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