KLEINWACHTER SGG 421B Static Limiter


In combination with the limit switch SGG-421 incl. SGG box, you get an electrostatic monitoring unit together with our EFM-113B.

The box monitors the current consumption of the sensor and gives an alarm (potential-free relay contact) if it becomes too large due to contamination of the modulator system. An interruption is also detected and output as an alarm.

A minimum (negative) and a maximum (positive) limit value can be set in the SGG-421. These can be set manually using the controls on the front or with the help of the optional software.

If the limit values ​​are exceeded or not reached, a potential-free relay contact is switched. This enables countermeasures (e.g. air ionization with opposite polarity) to be activated or an alarm to be triggered.

The devices are mounted on a "top hat rail".

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