KMT KTC-101热冲击试验机

 Application: All products requiring a thermal shock test


  Heating Zone : RT ~ 200℃ / 30min

  Cooling Zone : RT ~ 40℃ / 40min

  Control Time : 200℃ ~ -40℃ / 10min

  Temp Constancy : ±0.3 ℃


  Program digital auto turning controller

  Touch Screen Type : TEMP 2,000



The tester is to compare before and after testing by imposing temperature, humidity or 

other environmental changes to the product or specimen to be tested.

This Test aims to identify and systemize various kinds of effects in the physical and 

chemical conditions that may occur during seasonal changes and transportation and applying them to products.


▪ A tester is to confirm the abnormality of the specimen due to rapid temperature change 

when moving the specimen from a high temperature room and to freezer room in a short time.

▪ 2-zone system with high-temperature and freezer room and all operation is done by 

program cycling the recording device attached to it. This enables to check temperature change and cycling at a glance.

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