Application:Flammability test for wires, plastics and films

Materials : SUS 304 × 1.2t Hairline Plate

Burner Length : 0 ~ 125mm

Length Spark : 38mm

Temp. Spark : RT ~ 816 ℃

Gas : L. P. G

Gas Tank : L. P. G. Gas hose K. S Type

Temp. Spark : RT ~ 816 ℃

Safety Device : GAS solenoid valve

Size : 380(W) * 305(D) * 355(H) mm


▶ Summary

The tester is to compare before and after testing by imposing temperature, 

humidity or other environmental changes to the product or specimen to be tested.

This Test aims to identify and systemize various kinds of effects in the physical 

and chemical conditions that may occur during seasonal changes and transportation and applying them to products.

▶ Feature

The tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with KS and UL standards for 

inspection of flame retardancy and combustibility. Specimens are applied to prescribed flame to various wires

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