Koehler K27550 Automatic Petroleum Refractometer (0~95% solids)

The Koehler Automatic Refractometer uses precision optics and superior image analysis to extend the repeatability and accuracy of refractive index measurements for petroleum products.


- Measurement scales: Refractive Index (RI), BRIX (% sucrose), Temperature Corrected RI, Temperature Corrected BRIX, Ten User-Programmable Scales

- Illumination: 589nm light emitting diode with interference filter

(estimated life: 100,000 hrs)

- Range: Dissolved solids: 0 to 95% solids

- Refractive index: 1.29000 to 1.70000nD (nD - Sodium D-Line Refractive Index)

- Readability: Standard mode: 0.1% Solids 0.0001nD

                      Extended mode: 0.01% Solids 0.00001nD

- Precision: Standard mode: ±0.02% Solids ± 0.00002nD

Electrical requirements: 100-240V 50/60Hz


- lxwxh,in.(cm): 151⁄2x10x41⁄2 (391⁄2x251⁄2x111⁄2)

- Net weight: 23 lbs (101⁄2kg)

Additional accessories

- K27504 Calibration Fluid, Certificate of NIST traceability included.

- K27505 Refractometer Communication Software Package, with real-time data export into Microsoft® Excel



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