Kongter BDL-3927 Battery Data Logger

Cell voltage: 0~16V (±0.5%)

String voltage: 12~700V (customized) (±0.5%)

Current testing: 0~1000A (customized CT) (±1%)

Temperature measurement: -25~55℃ (±1℃)

Power supply: 

   Cell Data Logger (CDL): 10-90V from battery

   String Data Logger (SDL): DC24V±15% from battery

PC software: Monitor and data management

Communication: Wifi

Communication distance between PC and data loggers: 0-300m (Router with LAN), 0-50m (Router with wifi)

Communication frequency: 2.4GHz

Weight: 0.15 kg/per module

Size: 28×80×110 mm

Warning for: Communication disconnection, Overvoltage and Low voltage

Working environment: Temperature: 0~55℃, Relative humidity: ≤85%RH

Data sampling interval: 0.1 second/point



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