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Labnori SS3011 Combination Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Station

Application: All stainless steel combination eyewash and shower safety station

Shower Head: 10-1/4" (260mm) diameter stainless steel.

Shower Valve: 1" stainless steel stay-open ball valve. Furnished with stainless steel actuating arm and 10-1/4" (590mm) stainless steel pull rod.

Spray Head Assembly: Two Ajusted spray heads. Each head has a dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow.

Eyewash Valve: 1/2" stainless steel stay-open ball valve. Valve has PTFE tape seals.

Eyewash Bowl: 11-1/4" (290mm) diameter stainless steel

Pipe and Fittings: DN32 (420mm) stainless steel 304 pipe & DN25 (320mm) stainless steel 304 pipe. With 2.5mm thickness. 

Supply: 1-1/4" female inlet.

Waste: 1-1/4” female outlet

Sign: Furnished with universal identification sign.

Dimensions: 72x30x30 cm

Weight: 14 kgs


In general, the ANSI standard provides that emergency equipment be installed within 10 seconds walking time from the location of the hazard. The equipment must be installed on the same level as the hazard (i.e. accessing the equipment should not require going up or down stairs or ramps). The path of travel from the hazard to the equipment should be free of obstructions and as straight as possible. Users of the equipment should not have to walk around machinery or other obstacles to reach the unit. However, there are certain circumstances where these guidelines might not be adequate. For example, where workers are handling particularly strong acids, caustics or other materials where the consequences of a spill would be very serious, emergency equipment should be installed immediately adjacent to the hazard. Laboratory environments also require special consideration.

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