LEAPTRONIX AXC-100 X-ray Chip Counter (99.8%)

Max.Voltage: 100kV

Max.Current: 3mA

Spot Size : 0.4mm

Working Method: Stand alone

Imaging system: Line scan camera

Scanning accuracy: >99.8%

Scanning size: 40 X 60 mm

Minimum material size: 01005

Display: 22''LCD Display

Dimensions: 17000 X 900 X 970 mm

Weight: 1000 kg

Safety: <1μSv/hr(<0.1mR/hr)5cm away from the housing

Control: Keyboard/Mouse, Integration with the scanner , Intelligent camera, Barcode printer, counting result automatic transfer to MES & ERP system

Automatic detection: Standard

Applications: Electronic components production, shipping, storage and other management counting



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