Lisun EFT61000-4 EFT 抗扰性测量设备 (0~5000V,1000Ω±20%, 1000kHz)

• Output voltage: 0~5000V

• Pulse frequency: 1kHz~1000kHz (Adjustable)

• Polarity: Positive, Negative or Positive/Negative automatic

• Source impedance: 50Ω±20% and 1000Ω±20%

• Rise time of a pulse: 5ns±30%

• Pulse width at 50Ω: 50ns±30%

• Pulse width at 1kΩ: 35ns~150ns

• Burst duration: 0.01ms~20ms

• Burst period: 100ms~500ms

• Test time: 1s~9999s

• Testing functions: Set test mode freely or IEC Level

• Coupling/Decoupling Network: Built-in 20A with 3 phases/5 wires

• Working Power: AC220V (Option 110V) ±10%, 50/60Hz




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